Inflation means it’s costing more to get a haircut

You’ve probably noticed it’s costing more to get your hair cut or colored.

Inflation has led to price increases in categories across the board, from milk and eggs to gas and haircuts.

At Mac Hair Studio in San Marco, Owner Margaret Misenar is dealing with price increases on supplies every 3 months. Especially for luxury products, shampoo, conditioner, and color.

Misenar has been a hairstylist for 30 years but said the past three years of her career have been different with the cost of everything from electricity to wages, and products increasing due to inflation.

“It’s translated in an increase in the cost of them getting their hair done, unfortunately,” Misenar said.

The nationwide average price range for a haircut is $56. In Jacksonville, women’s cuts are around $70 and men’s are about $50 on average. That’s according to ‘You Probably Need a Haircut’, an organization that tracks costs for consumers.

Their data show haircut costs rising steadily in the past few years.

“It’s all due to shipping, purchasing power, everything and everything,” Misenar said. “We’ve been lucky enough to be in this area and work within our budgets. But that’s changed recently. So yes, there was a price increase a few months ago.”

While stubborn inflation has shoppers cutting back on nonessential items, it’s not stopping people from a trip to the beauty salon. If anything, Misenar said she’s noticed clients waiting longer between appointments.

“People are still getting their hair cut as normal. The beauty industry, we’re very, very lucky because it’s a necessity for a lot of people. It’s for centuries, it’s always been a business, so we’re fortunate.”

The average pricing of a haircut in this report is all based on independent salon prices. You can probably find a cheaper haircut at franchise salons like Great Clips, Sport Clips, or SuperCuts.

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