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Local News

Family broken by death of 3-year-old shot at Southside apartment calls for community to ‘do better’

The family of a 3-year-old fatally shot at a Southside apartment complex is remembering the child as someone who was caring and enjoyed

Legal News

Florida Men Charged in Multimillion-Dollar Tax Refund Fraud Scheme

A federal grand jury in Orlando returned an indictment, unsealed yesterday, charging three Florida men with crimes related to their respective roles in


Billion-dollar federal rail funding to benefit CSX network

At least half a billion dollars will go toward efforts indirectly benefitting CSX.

Bay Street restaurant space sells for $1.3M

The space is the former site of Olio.

UAW strikes have light effect on Jaxport auto business

About 5% of vehicles going through the port may be affected.

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