Jacksonville man holds signs, hands out flowers on Beach Blvd. to remind people they matter

It was a Random Jax of Kindness we just had to share.

A woman named Rika reached out to News4JAX after she witnessed an act of kindness that reminded her to appreciate the small things.

On Friday, Rika said she passed a man who was standing in the median of Beach Boulevard and San Pablo Road South holding signs that read, “Have a wonderful Day!! I Love You,” and “You are Relevant.”

Rika said the man also offered her a flower.

“So picture this… you’re out going to pick up your lunch and there’s this random guy walking by with a handmade sign,” Rika said. “I’m sure like most of us, we’d glance and keep it moving, but I decided to read his sign since I was at a stop light. I snapped a few pictures because why not, but as I was doing this he approached my car door to hand me a sunflower! Don’t forget to appreciate the small things.”

The kind messages come during National Suicide Prevention Month.

Although we do not know who the man in the photos is, we do know that he has a kind heart. ❤️

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