Northside apartment residents forced to leave trash on ground after trash company removes dumpsters

Residents of a Northside apartment who have been complaining about trash issues since May are still dealing with the same problems after Waste Management removed the dumpsters because the company had not received payments from the complex.

Trash is piled up in multiple places at the Northwood Apartments on Dunn Avenue. There are no dumpsters in sight, forcing residents to leave their trash on the ground where the dumpsters once resided.

Jonathan Poole said he won’t even take his daughter for a walk because of the problem.

“This is the first time I’ve seen them take the dumpster and not bring the dumpster back,” Poole said.

The apartment complex has received multiple citations relating to trash issues from June and July. Despite those citations, residents said things have only gotten worse.

One resident shared a photo after he said the trash caught fire outside his apartment window.

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“It’s really not okay, but in the situation we’re in, we need a place to stay,” Poole said.

Trash pick-up is included in the monthly rent, and even as it’s not being picked up, residents are still being charged, according to a screenshot from a resident’s bill portal.

“I feel like they don’t care about us at all. All because we’re right here in the middle of poverty on Dunn Avenue doesn’t mean we don’t need the care we deserve. We pay the rent here,” resident Darion Helland said.

The constant problems have led some residents like Poole to start looking for somewhere else to live.

“With stuff like this, I probably won’t be here another year,” he said.

News4JAX reached out to Northwood Apartments’ management company Friedman Real Estate for comment. They have not immediately replied.

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