Empty Bowls fundraiser for Feeding Northeast Florida has large turnout

Feeding Northeast Florida hosted its annual fundraising luncheon called Empty Bowls on Tuesday. The event raises awareness about food insecurity through a simple lunch of soup and bread.

The empty bowls on display serve as a reminder that many in our community face an empty bowl on a daily basis. Students in Duval County schools made the bowls by hand and donated them to the fundraiser. In all there were about 400 bowls made and each attendee was able to take one home.

“They worked their little hearts out for many months on end and to be able to have their wares on display here and people take them home as treasures from the event, it’s a fantastic community based event,” Dipak Rajhansa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said.

Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to raise money for, and awareness about, hunger relief. Empty Bowls events have engaged hundreds of thousands of individuals and raised millions of dollars for local communities.

“250,000 people in our twelve county service area don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. That is seniors, families and children. A basic need like food is something we can solve and this is an opportunity to focus that attention,” Susan King, President and CEO of Feeding Northeast Florida, said.

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