Tenants at Infinity Salon Suites stuck in limbo after owner was evicted

Tenants renting a space at Infinity Salon Suites on the Southside say they are stuck in limbo after the business owner was evicted from the property. This means hair stylists are without their tools and supplies, some can’t even serve their clients.

Some tell News4JAX they have thousands of dollars worth of equipment behind the locked doors. They showed up to work on Friday and were surprised to be met by police who were changing the locks.

The Infinity Salon Suites owner said the eviction also came as a surprise to her, and that’s why she couldn’t give her tenants proper notice. One of the tenants described what happened Friday morning inside Infinity Salon Suites.

“They came in pretty much yelling it down the hallway, letting everyone know, hey, this is an eviction. Everybody get out, you got to get out,” Kendrick Williams, a barber, said.

A hairstylist who didn’t want to be identified told us, “I was only able to grab like my blow dryer or curling iron and like a couple other things, but like, probably like $10,000 worth of stuff is still in there like color, like everyone knows, like colors, expensive bleach. All of our towels, like shampoo, everything.”

The owner, Charnae Wynn, admits she was late to pay rent, but maintains that it wasn’t because of a lack of funds. She feels she’s being treated unfairly by the property owners after multiple attempts to make good on her rent payments.

She sent an e-mail to her staff, that reads in part, “Our communications were met with no response and the actions that commenced were as much of a surprise to us as they are to you and your operations.”

Court records show a prior eviction complaint against Infinity Salon Suites in 2022 and that the owner was served with a writ of possession on October 9.

A dated check shows Wynn’s attempt to pay her past-due rent on October 11.

One of the tenants told us, “She knew she was getting evicted. I think that it’s just really shady.”

Wynn said she has refunded tenants for last week’s rent and is in the process of returning any security deposits they’ve paid.

News4JAX has reached out to attorneys and management of the property for comment on this story and has yet to hear back. We asked them directly if they have plans to return Infinity tenants their belongings.

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