Halloween there will be an extra scare in the air

The wind will howl rattling windows and shaking trees in a local nor’easter that arrives on October 31.

A strong edge of high pressure builds in over Virginia Tuesday causing winds to blow in from the NE with the highest winds along the coast reaching 20 mph in the and inland locations between 10-15 mph in the evening.

The breeze may pose some of the challenges for costumes that can be blown around. This can make it difficult for children to walk and see properly. It can also damage costumes, especially those with delicate or flowing elements.

And of course, don’t let the candy get blown away. This can be a major disappointment for children who are looking forward to their favorite treats and a headache for neighbors the next morning picking up the wrappers.

Fortunately, this will not be a hot evening for trick-or-treaters. Temperature will start around 75 at 5 pm and drop to 70 by 8 pm.

It will also stay dry as the humidity drops behind the cool front that pushes by during the day.

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