‘It’s just very stressful’: Sister of missing Georgia fisherman says she’s unhappy with how search progressing

Emotions are high for Stevie Conway.

Her brother, Dalton Conway, along with Tyler Barlow and Caleb Wilkinson left for a fishing trip out of Brunswick, Georgia on the Carol Ann on Oct. 14.

They were scheduled to return on Oct. 18, but they disappeared.

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So, the Coast Guard started searching for the three last Friday.

Stevie Conway said she doesn’t like how the search is progressing.

“There should be way more done at this point. They spend millions of dollars on all types of things but there’s three lives out there on the water. So you know, it’s just very stressful,” she said.

The search for the three has extended as far north as Cape Fear, North Carolina and as far south as St. Augustine.

But the families of the missing boaters are concerned the Coast Guard is planning to suspend the search. As of 9 p.m. on Wednesday night, the Coast Guard said it was still “an open case.”

Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan Dickinson with the Coast Guard said the reason includes relevant information from the public, family members, currents and weather conditions.

Stevie Conway said she has a personal connection with each fisherman on the boat.

She’s known Barlow for a long time and Wilkinson is her partner.

“I communicated with Caleb whenever he was heading out onto the water,” Stevie Conway said.

She shared the last text messages between her and Wilkinson.

On Oct. 14 at 2:53 p.m. he sent her a message saying, “We’re leaving the dock now I’m not sure when I’ll lose signal.”

The last message on the thread said, “I’ll be missing y’all.”

Stevie Conway said she’s just asking for the public’s continued assistance with finding her loved ones.

“Anybody that’s able to help continue this search we would greatly appreciate it, you know. We’re doing what we can on our behalf with our friends and family with the people we know,” she said.

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