Coming soon: Malayan tiger at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens expecting at least 2 cubs

Spoiler alert: There is a mom in the making — and she is adorable.

After conducting an ultrasound, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens confirmed their Malayan tiger, Cinta, is pregnant with at least two cubs.

The Malayan tiger arrived from Cincinnati Zoo in 2017, and according to the zoo, this isn’t Cinta’s first rodeo as this will be her second litter.

However, this is her first litter at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Bashir, father of the cubs, is a first-time dad, according to the zoo.

The soon-to-be dad joined the zoo in 2022.

The zoo said the tiger gestation period is approximately three to four months long.

Cinta is about three months along, which means – she will give birth soon!

According to the zoo, their Animal Care Specialists and Veterinary staff are monitoring Cinta’s appetite, weight, body condition and behavior to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.

“Throughout her pregnancy, she has remained curious, playful and active, such as exploring her nest box and enjoying her favorite toys,” the zoo wrote on Facebook. “Just like human pregnancies, however, there are potential risks. We are cautiously optimistic and look forward to sharing updates throughout this exciting journey.”

The zoo said tigers play a critical role in their natural habitat, and unfortunately, there are estimated to be fewer than 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

“This pregnancy is a significant addition to the sustainability of the Critically Endangered species, and we are proud of our contribution to ensuring a viable and diverse Malayan tiger population!” the zoo wrote.

We cannot wait to welcome Cinta and Bashir’s cubs into the world!

Watch the adorable mom-to-be in the video below

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