Dozens of local Palestine supporters rally at Town Center to plea for ceasefire amid war

Dozens of pro-Palestinian supporters gathered at the Town Center in Jacksonville Saturday at 4 p.m. to continue to plea for a ceasefire amid the war between Israel and Hamas.

Saturday’s protest comes days after The Florida House of Representatives voted down a resolution pertaining to the Israel-Hamas war.

The resolution called for de-escalation and a ceasefire in the state of Israel and occupied Palestine. This only received two “yes” votes from Representative Nixon and Eskamani.

That same day, Rep. Nixon was called antisemitic for bringing about the resolution.

While Pensacola Representative Michelle Salzman received backlash for saying “all of them,” when Rep. Nixon asked the question “how many deaths will be enough” when talking about Palestinians.

An organizer for this rally said seeing elected officials vote against something like that is sad.

“Voting against a common sense resolution that just calls for a cease-fire that people have a right to safety and dignity and condemned antisemitism, condemned Islamophobia and condemned all forms of racism in the resolution,” Sarah Mahmoud with Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network said. “So anyone who voted it against it shows that they’re not actually for justice reform for all people.”

Mahmoud said she hopes more elected officials start to look more into the calling for a ceasefire so more innocent people don’t die.

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