Stray bullet hits Brunswick police vehicle during shootout at busy shopping plaza

The Glynn County Police Department is investigating a shootout that took place at a busy shopping plaza Monday afternoon in broad daylight.

Police said the shooting happened shortly after 1 p.m. at the Glynn Pines Apartment complex in Brunswick, Ga.

A neighbor, who wished not to be identified, said she heard the gunfire.

“It sounded like machine guns. Like, someone emptied a whole magazine,” the woman said.

Directly across the street from where the shots were fired, a stray bullet struck a Brunswick police officer’s vehicle in the parking lot of the Village at Glynn Place Shopping Center, the Brunswick police chief confirmed to The Brunswick News. The detective was in the vehicle at the time but was uninjured.

“It’s pretty scary knowing that bullets don’t have a name,” the woman said.

An employee at a business inside the shopping plaza said the situation seemed intense.

“I saw police blocking it, guns everywhere, so it made me nervous, and I had to lock the building,” the employee said.

No injuries were reported in the shooting.

Police are investigating and said they found a firearm inside a backpack that was located on Altama Avenue which runs between the shopping plaza and the apartment complex.

Although one person was taken into custody following the shooting, no arrests have been made.

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