‘A space where ideas transform into reality’: Miller Electric opens new EV design center in Jacksonville

In an effort to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, Miller Electric Company officially opened its new “Electric Vehicle Innovative Design Center” Friday morning in Jacksonville.

It’s a move many officials say will change the future of transportation.

Donnie Smith, the company’s chief commercial officer, said this is one of a kind because of the access the public will have.

“This allows our clients from all over the country to come to Jacksonville and see all of the different chargers, makes and models. Our clients are asking us, ‘What do you recommend?’ We are going to bring them to Jacksonville Florida. They will get a chance to get their hands on it and get to test,” Smith said.

According to Miller Electric Company, this center is the first of its kind in the world.

From charging and collecting data, to a training center and lab for apprentices to learn how to install, maintain, test and commission these chargers — many say this new center is a game-changer.

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“In addition to our chargers for cars out here come out in the parking lot. We are also going to have DC charging, which will be for things like the JTA Buses that are passing through our community. They will be able to stop here and charge. We will have solar rays with battery storage,” Smith said.

A big part of this hub will be those in the apprenticeship program. Fifty people will get to enroll each year to complete a five-year program.

“It is not just a design center. It is a hub of innovation. A space where ideas transform into reality,” President of Jacksonville City Council Ron Salem said.

Miller Electric’s CEO Henry Brown said this new center is a commitment to a focus on energy and sustainability.

“Our investment in the EVIDC is not just a testament to our environmental stewardship, but also a reflection of our commitment to invest in the prosperity of Jacksonville,” Brown said.

A way they say will drive the evolution of electric vehicles in the River City.

Miller Electric Company is hoping to be able to have the first customers show up to the new center within the next 60 days.

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