‘It’s so peaceful here’: Avondale neighbors are shocked after man was found dead on St. Johns Avenue

A man is dead after a shooting in Jacksonville’s Avondale neighborhood. It happened Saturday night on St. Johns Avenue near Montgomery Place –near popular Boone Park.

People who live near where the shooting happened say it is a seemingly safe neighborhood. “But, you also know in this day and age, things like that can happen pretty much anywhere,” Holly Nowlin said.

Caleb Nowlin, added, “Definitely a little frightening. But, we’ve been all over I mean anything can happen anywhere, but definitely it’s weird happening here because I’ve always considered this a very friendly and safe neighborhood.”

Saturday around 8:45 p.m., a 9-1-1 caller said they heard gunshots and found a man lying on St. Johns Avenue. When Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived, they found the man dead.

“It’s a very walkable neighborhood. You always see people out here with kids, walking their dogs,” Holly Nowlin said.

Neighbors we spoke with say it’s normally speeding or crashes that bring police to this section of St. Johns Avenue. But, someone was murdered here, and now they’ve got a new sign on the corner that asks for anyone with information to call JSO or Crime Stoppers.

“That’s just really sad, it’s so peaceful here,” Avondale resident, Cheryl Ragsdale, said.

Information is limited, but residents want to see a quick arrest and justice for the victim.

“Hopefully it remains a one-off situation, and it remains a pretty safe place to be,” Caleb Nowlin said.

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