A Tough Time to Travel!

if you’re one of the MANY planning on traveling ahead of the holiday in the East, buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Let’s break down your Forecast day by day- and yes you will see I’m not just talking about Jacksonville, because as you travel I want you to know what the weather holds as a strong cold front moves through parts of the Country.

TODAY: Widespread travel issues expected.

A great deal of rain is expected across the eastern portion of the United States today, which will have quite an impact on Thanksgiving travel in many major cities.

This particular system will continue moving into the Ohio Valley, while another system from Canada will move into the south, providing more fuel for the ongoing storm.

SNOmg, it’s going to be COLD and white in the Great Lakes, with mostly rain falling everywhere else. Snow could also fall in the Northeast and in New England, but only in the highest elevations.

All of this to say, that depending on where you’re traveling, airports and roads could be greatly impacted!

Wednesday and Thanksgiving: The bad weather begins to move OUT! Conditions vastly improve.

The front that caused severe weather, and major threats for areas in Alabama and Louisiana will move through Jacksonville tonight and tomorrow (likely into the overnight hours into late tomorrow morning. Once this front moves out, we clear up and travel will improve. To be specific, from Wednesday late morning into Thanksgiving Day- you have a picture perfect Forecast- you just have to GET where you’re going to enjoy it!

Good Luck, and HAPPY Thanksgiving!

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