After string of shootings, local organization attempts to prevent future shootings

In the last five days, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have responded to 11 calls for shots fired in the city.

Several people were wounded and two people were killed.

Keith Oglesby, the co-president of Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation & Empowerment or ICARE, says that this violence is something they’re working to combat because it’s sad that the residents must deal with this.

ICARE is a group comprised of different congregations that help address citywide concerns.

Keith Oglesby wants the number of shootings in Jacksonville to go down.

“It’s heartbreaking obviously for the people shot [and] obviously for those who are victims,” Oglesby said.

Recently, the group hosted an event to call for an end to gun violence.

There they called for JSO to work with National Network for Safe Communities to improve violence intervention program they’re currently using.

Keith Oglesby says “When we have the national network come in with their assessment of how we we’re doing it’s not just a JSO or law enforcement issue it’s all of us. What can we do differently.”

Earlier this week, News4Jax spoke with Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters about what ICARE was asking for his office to do.

He said they are making progress in the city with violence and have already worked with National Network for Safe Communities.

“But the national network themselves say don’t expect agencies and cities to contract with them indefinitely. You learn the process. You work the process…I hired people to help us make those connections and we’re doing it the right way,” Waters said.

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