Cleanup efforts underway in Bartram Park after strong storm winds knock over trees

Residents in the Greenbrier at Bartram Park subdivision are cleaning up what was left behind after heavy winds and rain swept through the neighborhood, knocking down trees and light poles.

Although it’s unclear if the damage was caused by a tornado or straight-lined winds, residents said they could hear the winds whipping as the storm passed.

“I heard a sound like a roaring sound,” B.J. Bennett said.

Early in the evening, crews were working to pull one of the massive trees off of a house after it fell. They were also using chainsaws and other equipment to remove limbs and take the trees apart, piece by piece.

“I started hearing the wind, and it was scary,” CeCe Evans said. “It happened so fast. Five minutes after the tornado warning.”

Five minutes after the tornado warning was issued for Duval County, Lori Cardey and her dog retreated to her bathroom for safety. While they were sheltering for safety, a strong win blew out the front glass door.

“I was scared to death, to be honest,” Cardey said.

There were no reports of any injuries.

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