Flight delays, cancellations among the impacts of storm that swept across Northeast Florida

The heavy rains and strong winds brought in by a storm that swept across Northeast Florida caused issues for travelers trying to fly in and out of the River City.

At the Jacksonville International Airport, 24 of 40 departing flights were delayed Tuesday with three ultimately becoming canceled.

Emma Cargile had several flights with her final destination ending in Scotland. She was concerned that her delayed flight would jeopardize her making it to her connecting flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Heathrow

“It’s crazy how if you’d scheduled the flight the day before or the day after then you would miss a storm like this, but it happens to be right now in the middle of my flight and this happens to people all the time all over the world. They pick the one time that happens to be like during a storm like this,” Cargile said.

Dyan Piscopo was traveling back home to Colorado, but she was prepared to wait through the weather delays. She was, however, concerned about making sure she didn’t miss her Wednesday hair appointment.

“I guess I just rather be safe than in the air with the thunderstorms so I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing. So I’ll just be here and when the plane’s ready I’ll get on it,” Piscopo said.

Ronnie Deason was waiting for his sister to fly in from Texas, but her flight was delayed by about two hours.

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