NAACP Sheroes Empower the Next Generation of Their Own

By Hank Rogers – The Jacksonville Branch of the NAACP recently organized a meet and greet event to celebrate the achievements of Aahkilah Cornelious, a native of Jacksonville and alumnus of the NAACP ACT-SO program.

Cornelious, a talented choreographer and graduate of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, shared her remarkable experiences of touring with Beyoncé and participating in the new production of “The Color Purple,” amongst the success of her career. The event aimed to inspire and empower young people by showcasing the incredible journey of a local talent who has achieved success on a national stage. More so, she wanted to inspire others that they too, even from Jacksonville, Florida – can grace national stages. The NAACP’s ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics) program has long been a platform for fostering talent and providing opportunities for African American youth. Cornelious is a prime example of the program’s success. As an ACT-SO alumna, she has not only honed her artistic abilities but also gained valuable experiences and connections that have propelled her career forward.

“It has been an honor to see her growth through Jax NAACP+Actso program. We are proud of all our students and get excited when we can showcase their career success,’ said Sandra Thomspon, NAACP Jax Chapter Assistant Secretary and Lifetime member.

During the symposium, youth were allowed an open forum to listen, ask and learn.

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