Pro-life activists rally downtown against Florida abortion initiative that could appear on November’s ballot

Anti-abortion advocates rallied downtown Saturday morning at James Weldon Johnson Park against an abortion initiative that Florida voters could see on the November ballot.

Hundreds of people of all ages braved the cold temperatures to rally for life. Many of them holding signs and wearing t-shirts.

Irene Sandler said she’s come to events like this for decades.

“I think that life is sacred. Life is precious. My life is precious to me, your life is precious to you. I think the way our society is going, life is being cheapened and we are respecting each other less,” Sandler said.

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Last week, the group Floridians Protecting Freedom announced enough signatures had been collected for an abortion rights measure to qualify to appear on the November ballot.

Moné Holder is with the group.

“We have seen over the last couple of legislative sessions as well, federally and across the nation across the nation, states have stripped access to abortion care to people across the nation. What this initiative will do is allow voters to allow whether or not they want to have that access here in the state of Florida. It takes the decision out of the hands of politicians,” Holder said.

The proposed amendment would allow abortions in Florida to stay legal until the fetus is viable as determined by the woman’s health care provider.

If it were to go on the ballot, at least 60% of voters would need to approve it.

Sandler said she feels the amendment’s language is too vague.

“I, as a woman, laid down the body when I gave birth to three children and I’m proud of that. Yes. We should be defending life. It’s precious, it’s sacred,” Sandler said.

The Florida Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments about the amendment’s wording in February.

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