Bodycam footage shows deputies and firefighters rescuing family from submerged car in Flagler County

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office released the bodycam footage showing deputies and firefighters working together to rescue a family after their car was submerged in water in Flagler County earlier this month.

The crash happened in the western part of the county. Sheriff Rick Staley said when two of his deputies arrived, they found a car on its side in a water-filled ditch.

The footage shows a deputy pulling a man away from the water as another approaches the car.

“I got a female bleeding heavily, heavily bleeding. I see a lot of blood on her. She’s in the water. Is the baby above water? She’s above water. Yeah, babies breathing,” a deputy from the footage said.

They broke one of the car windows to rescue the baby and after several minutes, deputies and firefighters were able to get both out.

Staly said he was happy to see his deputies and firefighters working together to save lives.

“It’s a great way to start the New Year. It could have started out with a significant tragedy but instead, it started out with a really good success story,” Staly said.

He said the Florida Highway Patrol has taken over the investigation, but to his knowledge, there were no life-threatening injuries.

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