St. Johns County asks residents to encourage state leaders to choose St. Augustine for Florida Black History Museum

St. Johns County officials asked residents to speak up and encourage state leaders to choose St. Augustine as a site for the proposed Florida Black History Museum.

Residents were asked to fill out a survey that will be used by the Florida Black History Task Force to present to the state to help them decide where the museum will be located.

The county presented three reasons why the city is a perfect location: it’s a world-class African-American heritage destination, there are abundant historic and cultural sites and it would be for community investment.

Some St. Augustine residents are excited at the thought of the museum coming to their city. One woman who’s called St. Augustine home since her birth in the 60s said there’s no better place to put it.

“I think it’s a great idea you can’t have too much history. No matter what race you are,” Valerie James said. “And especially since you’re talking about the black community I think it’s a great idea to have an African American museum in the area.”

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