Clay County parents want their input considered in school library book policy decisions

Clay County parents came together on Tuesday at a school board forum to give feedback on the school library book policy.

In 2022, the school district removed over 170 books and challenged over 450 books — leading the state with most removals after claims of obscene content.

One by one, people spoke about what they felt should be added to the new policy.

School Board member Erin Skipper said they received mixed feedback from the community.

“Well, you’re always gonna have those loud voices that have something to say. But you also have those that thank you for keeping the schools clean but to be honest, the majority of parents even media specialists, even teachers, had no idea that they were even in our libraries,” Skipper said.

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Parent and Moms for Liberty National Director Tia Bess said there should be some kind of system for parents to decide what kind of books their child can read.

“We don’t have to reinvent the wheel because if you look at movie rating systems, you can never take a 12-year-old to a rated R movie unless you go with them. So there is some material that is not age appropriate. And a lot of parents agree that we should have the right to either opt in or opt out. But ultimately parents should know,” Bess said.

Skipper said some books have been temporarily removed for review and others were put back on shelves.

The school board plans to hold other forums to address issues like dress code, disciplinary actions and electronics.

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