Is this the last night for freezes?

A blast of Arctic air pushed the morning low to 30 at JAX marking the coldest morning this winter. The four previous freezes this winter reached 32, but tonight could see another colder low near 30 by sunrise.

After Thursday morning, we will possibly have another colder start in the upper 20s on Sunday.

Beyond this weekend comes a warm-up with highs back into the 70s by Tuesday and no more freezes for the rest of January.

Could this be the last of the winter freezes?  Probably not since the average last date for freezes in the area is mid to late February.

What do tonight’s freeze and hard freeze warnings mean? The definition is based on local climate and fluctuates in Florida and more drastically in other parts of the country.

Freeze Warning

A freeze warning is issued when temperatures drop to 32° or lower.

A freeze can kill crops and end the growing season for many plants. Freeze warnings are not issued in Georgia after the first hard freeze of the season.

Hard Freeze Warning

A hard freeze warning is issued when temperatures drop below 27 degrees.

A hard freeze is a prompt to winterize your home’s outdoor pipes and pools which can be damaged if not protected or drained. The growing season will end at these temperatures.

Take precautions for cold weather and remember to check on the elderly or physically impaired family members, as well as pets, friends, and neighbors.

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