City council member pushing to expand budget for Jacksonville’s ‘Home Roof Rehabilitation’ program

City Council Member Matt Carlucci filed an emergency bill Wednesday in response to the city of Jacksonville’s budget for the new Home Roof Rehabilitation program that filled up in less than 90 minutes of opening.

Carlucci wants the city council to increase the budget from $500,000 to $946,000, which was the original amount requested for the program.

Carlucci said the bill would mean more people could get their roofs rehabilitated. The program allows Jacksonville residents to apply for financial assistance to fix or replace their roofs.

The program’s goal is to help people keep their homeowner’s insurance and remain in compliance with their mortgage requirements.

The program’s budget is $500,000 and the maximum amount of assistance available to each home is just under $15,000. Qualification is based on income requirements such as household size.

He plans to introduce the emergency bill at the next city council meeting, asking to approve $446,000 for the program.

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The city said it received 270 applications before it closed the waiting list, but the current level of funding only covers roof rehabs for up to 35 applicants.

“I told the council they would sign up very quickly, and I did not support holding $400,000 back,” Carlucci said.

Carlucci said if the emergency legislation is approved, the program would be able to help over 90 people.

“I’m trying to help people that need real help,” he said.

Carlucci hopes the bill could be approved by mid-February.

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