“It’s really disheartening to hear”: Residents react after shooting near a San Marco park

Residents said they were shocked and saddened to hear about a man dying in a shooting on Sunday morning near a San Marco park.

Investigators said a large group of people were outside a home when a fight broke out. During the altercation, someone pulled out a gun and shot a man.

One neighbor had just come home and saw the crime scene tape.

“Well it was a little scary because we come to this park every week and we can walk here so yes I was a little concerned,” the neighbor said. “My brother-in-law is a cop so I kind of reached out and asked what happened but I have not heard from here. I was very concerned.”

Alan Jensen said it was surprising because it’s normally a quiet and safe neighborhood.

“[My wife and I] come here with our kids all the time so it’s really disheartening to hear,” Jensen said.

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