Let’s see here- we have rain, FOG, and milder temperatures in the Forecast- but WILL you be impacted?

As you wake up this morning, you’ll walk outside and be pleasantly surprised…err, I say pleasantly surprised- because

i’m assuming as a Floridian, you prefer more mild temperatures- and we’ve got em!

A southeasterly flow brings the possibility of rain to our area as it stays in place today. You can also count on emanant

cloud cover across our entire viewing area. Oh, wait- are you curious about what a southeasterly flow is? Let me explain!

It’s basically just winds coming in from the southeast, and when these winds come in from the Atlantic, that can cause an increase in temperatures- hence why we are headed towards the 80′s!

A dampening shortwave- which is essentially a disturbance in the mid to upper part of the atmosphere- will be a HUGE factor in the rain moving in throughout the week.

The rain we see this week won’t be heavy- and totals will likely remain under half an inch at this point.

If you as me, these low rainfall totals are great, because the rain is always a good thing- but with these totals, it won’t be a total washout!

While we are dealing with cloudy skies across the area, and the possibility of light showers- warm advection puts most of us in the 70′s by this afternoon! YAY!

Oh, wait…do you want me to break down what warm advection is? Sure! I can do that! 🙂

So, warm OR cold advection can happen anytime an airmass just simply…moves. Put simply, when a warm airmass moves into the space where a cold air mass just exited, it’s known as Warm Air Advection.

NOW- let’s talk FOG!

Tomorrow, fog will be the name of the game, and it will be DENSE.

You can expect the most prominent fog along the coast- so keep those low beam headlights on to stay safe while driving.

To sum up your forecast:

– grab your poncho today, and keep it handy for the rest of the week.

– Be aware of the FOG starting early tomorrow morning

– Milder temperatures are here, so PRAISE BE the 30′s are GONE!

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