Woman boards Jacksonville cruise ship, gets arrested, charged with attempted murder in 2022 hit-and-run

Katrice Broomer, 34, was removed from a Jacksonville cruise ship Monday after her background check was flagged for outstanding warrants, including attempted murder and leaving the scene of an incident in 2022, according to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 23, 2022, officers responded to a hit-and-run on Pangola Drive. The victim, Travis Herndon, was found in a ditch and transported to a local hospital. The investigation revealed that there was an argument and a person got in their vehicle and hit Herndon.

According to the arrest report, officers found a gray broken side mirror with a Hyundai symbol under the cover near him.

Herndon told officers that he was at a party arguing with Broomer, who is also known as “Cherrie.” He told investigators they went outside with a group of other people that he couldn’t remember. At some point, the argument became physical and he couldn’t remember many details, but he remembers seeing “Cherrie” getting into her vehicle. The details following his statement were redacted from the report.

Herndon said he’s known “Cherrie” for over 10 years and he had around $400 and a cellphone in his pocket. Those items were not there when he woke up in the hospital and police didn’t find them when they arrived on the scene.

Officials used their databases to connect a Facebook account with the name “Cherrie Brown” to Broomer.

Investigators learned that Broomer also had a registered Hyundai with a missing side mirror consistent with the one found next to Herndon.

He was able to identify Broomer as the suspect after seeing a photograph of her. Then a warrant was issued for Broomer’s arrest.

After police reviewed all the available evidence, Broomer was arrested and charged with attempted murder and leaving the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury.

Boomer is held on a $300,000 bond.

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