Custom Cocktail Catering Service Teaches the ‘How to’s of Mixology

Happy hours usually begin at 5 p.m. somewhere! Here on the First Coast, Breezy’s Jazz Club located in San Marco offers happy hour and jazz entertainment for the after work and weekend crowds. Recently the club opened their doors for the Mr. Barrtender Mixology cocktail workshop class. More than 50 fans of Mr. Barrtender’s founder Destiny Whitehead learned new ways of hosting cocktail hours in their homes, businesses, private soirees or vacation location. Registrants learned how to mix specialty drinks along with the history, chemistry, ingredients, tools and techniques necessary to concoct a winning cocktail. The events agenda incorporated the importance of each ingredient and combinations to produce and serve the best creative brews and drinks to your guest.

Mr. Barrtender also provides mobile bartending services in the Duval County and surrounding areas. Their services include serving specialty drinks and cocktails and providing peace of mind while you and your guests enjoy yourself at a party or other event. With more than four years of experience making delicious beverages and providing excellent services to homemakers, executives and celebrity clients, your next event will be the talk of the town! Shown are participants mixing up cocktails and reviewing their ingredients for a winning blend and combination.

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