A Soggy Weekend: Saturday evening storm continue into Sunday morning

After a pleasant Saturday morning and afternoon, a storm begins a gloomy Saturday night.

Saturday evening temperatures will end in the upper 60s, with winds from the south near 10 miles per hour and cloudy skies. Rain begins as the front approaches from the west. Tornado Watches and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings have been triggered due to the instability of the storm however it loses its organization as it approaches the I-10, I-75 corridor.

Sunday morning temperatures begin in the mid to upper 60s as rain continues with winds shifting from the south to the northwest at around 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts 15 to 25 miles per hour. Rain and storms peak in the early morning hours and end in the mid-morning. Sunday afternoon temperatures will begin to drop as the front moves through. Expect temperatures to drop into the mid-40s by Sunday evening.

What to Expect Tonight: Below is a timeline as the storm moves through Saturday through Sunday

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