Votes are in! Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens reveals Malayan tiger cub’s name

After a two-week-long contest to decide on a name for one of the three Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ Malayan tiger cubs, the zoo has revealed the winning name.

The 12-week-old’s name is… (drumroll): Mina!

With 49% of the total votes, Mina (MEE-nah) was the name chosen for the adorable tiger cub. According to the zoo, Mina means one who is “unrelenting and determined.”

“This marks a moment of connection and celebration between Mina and the city of Jacksonville,” said Nikki Jackson Smith, Chief Philanthropy and Community Engagement Officer. “Mina, and her siblings Machli and Beppy, are a testament to the shared commitment of our community toward wildlife conservation. The naming contest reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding the wonders of the animal kingdom for generations to come.”

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Mina and her siblings were born on Nov. 5, 2023. According to the zoo, all three cubs continue to bond well behind the scenes with their mother, Cinta, who will turn 11 years old in March.

The “Name That Tiger” naming contest, which began on Jan. 17, received $6,000 in donations from 300 submissions, the zoo said.

While the cubs are not yet on exhibit, the zoo encourages the public to watch the family on the zoo’s livestream.

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