Going Ringside Ep. 48: Feds now investigating Vince McMahon

Days after Going Ringside released its previous episode concerning the lawsuit filed against former WWE Owner Vince McMahon for alleged sex trafficking, the Wall Street Journal reported they have confirmed through sources that McMahon has been under investigation by the Federal Government since 2022. This concerns allegations of sexual impropriety.

The civil lawsuit which was filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant alleges McMahon sex trafficked her to other employees within the WWE organization. The day after the lawsuit was filed McMahon stepped down as head of the company and is no longer affiliated with WWE. For the first time since it’s founding decades ago, the McMahon family is no longer affiliated with WWE. The company was originally started in the mid-1900′s by his father.

Since that lawsuit was filed more details have come out about the Federal Government’s investigation of McMahon. Investigators have reportedly spoken to several former female employees of WWE. It’s also been reported McMahon’s cell phone was seized by investigators. One of the allegations in Grant’s lawsuit is that he shared graphic images and videos of her as well as sent illicit text messages.

The Going Ringside podcast originally reported on McMahon’s investigation int the summer of 2023 but at the time it was unclear what that investigation concerned. At the time it was only made public because it was a part of a filing by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concerning their merger with UFC.

In this episode of the podcast we speak with a veteran police detective about what may be happening in this investigation along with a cyber security expert about what investigators may pull off of his cell phone.

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