‘The road is coming apart’: Man tired of replacing windshields wants SR-200 near Old Nassauville Road in Yulee repaired

The owner of Mike’s Shuttle Service, a limousine company in Nassau County, is tired of constantly shelling out hundreds of dollars to repair cracked windshields he said became damaged from riding on State Road 200 between Old Nassauville Road and the Thomas J. Shave Jr. Bridge to Amelia Island.

Thomas Hargrove’s limousine business consists of 13 vehicles suited to serve customer’s needs.

Hargrove said three of his SUVs sustained windshield cracks, and he had to have the windshields replaced four times within the last six to eight months.

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“The road is just coming apart where trucks are tearing it up,” he said.

Other drivers have complained about the chunks of asphalt rocks flying and hitting their windshields as well. Hargrove said he paid for the windshield replacements out of pocket because if he filed a claim with insurance, his rates would increase because of the number of windshields he had to replace.

News4JAX drove the area of the road where Hargrove said the conditions were rough.

It isn’t a quiet or smooth drive because of the raggedy road.

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Hargrove said the solution is simple:

“Fix the road. Pay for my windshields,” he said.

The Florida Department of Transportation said in a statement that it plans to begin a fully funded resurfacing project in late 2025 but until then…FDOT said enhanced road sweeping is done to improve the roadway conditions.

If you would to file a claim with FDOT, visit fdot.gov.

Read FDOT’s full statement below:

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and safety of our road network. One aspect of this commitment involves strategically planning resurfacing projects for roadways that are approaching the end of their service life.

Roadways, over time, undergo wear and tear due to a number of factors including traffic volume, weather conditions, and environmental impacts. This is especially the case for SR 200 due to the increased growth and number of commercial vehicles that use the corridor. As a result, conditions may begin to dimmish, affecting the overall quality and performance of the road surface.

To that end, resurfacing of the SR 200 corridor between O’Neil Scott and the Shave Bridge is expected to begin in fall 2025. The project is fully funded and will include improvements to the bridge as well as resurfacing of the asphalt in question.

In the interim, we understand that maintaining the existing road conditions is critical to the traveling public. Regular sweeping along the corridor is performed to improve rideability along the corridor and address debris. Enhanced sweeping will help preserve the overall condition of the road until the resurfacing project is implemented.

Should drivers wish to file a damage claim, they may do so by visiting www.FDOT.gov/legal and selecting the claims tab on the right side of the screen.

FDOT reminds all motorists to drive safely, never drive distracted and follow the posted speed limit. When near a commercial vehicle, practice staying at least 300 feet back to minimize the risk of debris falling or other impacts.

Florida Department of Transportation

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