Temperatures and pollen levels are rising

Suddenly it is Spring!  Everybody should get to the 70s today with warmer afternoon highs this weekend.  The temperatures will not be the only numbers climbing.  Maybe you or your nose has already noticed, but the pollen count is rising too.

With partly cloudy to partly sunny skies and above average temperatures this weekend followed by near seasonal temperatures next week, the pollen will remain at sneeze levels.

The main constituents of your congestion are Pine, Oak, Alder, Juniper and Cedar. If it is green it’s trying to make your eyes water and your schnoz sneeze.  The pollen count tomorrow is 7.9 or moderately high.

What are the levels?  Levels vary from plant type to plant type.

Currently, the count is for trees.

Low: 1-14

Moderate: 15-89

High: 90 – 1,499

Very High: 1,500 and higher

We then break that number down to a smaller 1 – 12 scale.  The forecast for tomorrow is 7.9 which is moderate-high.

Low:  0 – 3

Moderate:  4 – 7

High: 7 – 10

Very High:  11- 12

Like with any measurement of these levels, the numbers consider how much pollen the allergy sufferer is likely to be exposed to for that given period, which for us is a long dusty road ahead.

Get your tissues and allergy meds ready, it’s going to be a long season.

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