Poll: JEA executives got big pay raises last year. We want to know: How much did your pay increase?

JEA executives received substantial pay raises late last year including the public utility’s CEO Jay Stowe whose salary jumped over $75,000 (12.7%) to $669,510.

News4JAX obtained a breakdown of all the salary increases that showed executives got raises between 6% and 23%. JEA’s Chief External Affairs Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, for example, saw their pay increase by more than $73,000, an increase of over 23%.

News4JAX has reached out to JEA to ask about the pay increases and is expecting to hear back soon. This story will be updated with JEA’s response.

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The raises come as JEA also plans to increase how much customers pay for its services. The rates are likely to go up 4% this year and there are several reasons why.

Costs have gone up for running the utility, but one primary reason for the increase is that JEA has to start paying the costs for Plant Vogtle, the nuclear power plant in Georgia that is now supplying some energy to JEA.

Meanwhile, many Americans haven’t seen significant pay increases in recent years even as the cost of living has gone up significantly.

So we want to know, how much has your pay increased in the last year? Vote in our poll below.

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