‘Gentle, intelligent’ 22-year-old giraffe dies at Jacksonville Zoo

A 22-year-old giraffe named “Spock” was euthanized at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens on Monday, according to the zoo’s Facebook page.

Spock was a geriatric giraffe and the zoo said her animal care team was closely monitoring her for age-related issues including advanced arthritis. She received multiple treatments like oral and injectable medications, laser therapy, and slept in a private bedded stall.

Spock was a second-generation descendant of one of the zoo’s founding female giraffes. Spock never had any offspring of her own, but she was the “honorary auntie” to a herd of 22 calves. She was described by the zoo as a “gentle and intelligent giraffe with a larger-than-life personality.”

The zoo said she was an amazing ambassador for her species and the community and that she inspired countless guests over the years.

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