MOCA Jacksonville celebrates 100th anniversary with new ‘Project Atrium’ exhibit

In honor of MOCA Jacksonville’s 100th anniversary, the museum will be installing a new exhibit named “Project Atrium: Frank Stella, Jacksonville Stacked Stars.”

This installation will feature two artists in the museum’s atrium.

MOCA has installed a second exhibition, “Frank Stella: Printmaking,” that will feature the permanent collection from local collectors.

The installment will feature art, drinks, live music, and creative community, according to the release. MOCA members and donors will receive early access to the event, and the public is welcome at 8 p.m.

Frank Stella, a Massachusetts native, has produced over six decades’ worth of art. Stella is more known for his famous “Black Paintings,” and has always pushed the boundaries of visual perception, using optical illusions in his paintings and sculptures that seem to leap out the wall, according to their release.

The Jacksonville Stacked Stars were created in honor of the MOCA 100th anniversary. This will feature both abstract and multiple variations of two-dimensional, free-standing and wall-relief sculptural shapes.

With the use of newer technology, Jacksonville Stacked Stars, seem to defy the forces of gravity and sculptural norms. These sculptured stars are created out of all different types of materials and sizes, such as aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, or plastics, according to the release.

The Frank Stella: Printmaking exhibition highlights Stella’s first exploration of the medium of print lithograph. Through his innovative paintings, he covered all techniques of lithography, screen-printing, etching and offset lithography. Stella combines several printing styles that makes for one unique drawing and sculpture style, the release said.

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