Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Successful ‘Here to Help’ Event

On Thursday, February 22, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) collaborated with over 20 local partners to offer vital services to citizens in need. The event aimed to provide a comprehensive support system for those facing various challenges.

Thanks to the collective efforts of the partners involved, the event offered a wide range of services, including pet health screenings, vaccinations, haircuts, blankets, clothing, food stamp assistance, and bicycle repairs, benefiting over 350 individuals.

CCSO initiated the ‘Here to Help’ event in August 2023 to assist citizens experiencing homelessness, substance abuse issues, or mental health conditions, facilitating connections to community resources.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast expressed pride in the BHU’s commitment to organizing such events, emphasizing the importance of community collaboration in addressing local needs. “I am extremely proud to see this unit working with community partners to assist our community, and I am eager to see what the future holds,” Sheriff Prendergast remarked.

Florida ranks third in the nation for homelessness, according to the Florida Coalition to End Homelessness, highlighting the significance of initiatives like ‘Here to Help’ in Citrus County.

Sydney Frisbie, a Substance Abuse Advocate with CCSO’s BHU, lauded the collaborative efforts of community partners. “It’s great to see how the community partners work together and are all helping each other to ensure every citizen can have access to the resources they need,” said Frisbie.

Frisbie expressed excitement about the ongoing impact of ‘Here to Help’ events, hinting at future initiatives. “I am ecstatic that we can continue hosting ‘Here to Help,’ and I look forward to announcing our next event later this year,” she added.

The event concluded with a reminder to citizens that support is available and encouraged them to reach out for assistance. CCSO emphasized its continued commitment to connecting individuals with community resources, encouraging those who missed the event to contact the Behavioral Health Unit at 352-249-2790.

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