Jacksonville Mayor Assures Bridge Safety Measures Amidst Baltimore Crisis

Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan has extended support to Baltimore amidst recent events, expressing sympathy and solidarity with the affected community. In response to evolving maritime impacts, Mayor Deegan has engaged in discussions with Jacksonville Port Authority CEO Eric Green to address concerns.

The mayor emphasized the importance of safeguarding infrastructure in Jacksonville, particularly the Dames Point Bridge, which serves as a crucial passage for cargo ships calling on JAXPORT. She highlighted the presence of robust protective measures, including hard infrastructure such as concrete structures known as “dolphins” to shield bridge piers from vessel impacts. Additionally, specialized sensors, referred to as Air Gap sensors, are installed on the bridge to monitor the distance between the water surface and the bridge structure in real-time.

Mayor Deegan assured the community of Jacksonville’s readiness to assist sister cities during times of crisis, reaffirming the city’s solidarity with Baltimore.

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