Dumpsters are still overflowing at Dunn Ave apartment’s despite warning citation from city

Garbage piling up at a Northwood apartments on Dunn Ave., was supposed to be removed by close of business Monday. Monday afternoon, the garbage was still there.

The city of Jacksonville’s Municipal Code Compliance Division issued the complex a warning citation for, “failure to maintain the premises free from trash.”

There was also an active nuisance case for trash and a work order had been assigned to a contractor. Meaning, that contractor could go on to the property and remove the trash on behalf of the city.

The city also told the apartment complex if the garbage was still there by the end of the business Monday, they would be fined $255.

News4JAX spoke with a woman who lives there and didn’t want to be identified.

She said knowing the city gave the apartment complex a warning citation, and if they don’t do anything, she feels it makes no sense.

“I feel disgusted,” the woman said. “I feel embarrassed to have anybody come here. It’s like we’re in the slums.”

News4JAX took video of the trash at the Northwood Apartments Friday as well as today. Between Friday and Monday those piles grew.

The woman who didn’t want to be identified said those overflowing dumpsters have been there for weeks and are causing more insects to be in the complex.

“The flies are terrible, there’s hornet flies now,” the woman said.

News4JAX also received a video from a resident at the complex. It showed the overflowing dumpster on fire.

According to Capt. Eric Prosswimmer with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, since April 1, there have been three dumpster fires at Northwood Apartments.

Those fires along with the overflowing trash is something the resident News4JAX spoke with wishes would stop.

“They should get this fixed or people are going to stop paying their rent,” she said. “We’re going to come together collectively and hold them accountable.”

And the city said if the contractor did end up coming out to remove the trash, a lien would be placed on the property for the costs associated with the trash and debris removal.

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