Mother identifies man killed at home in Magnolia Gardens, says he was ‘set up’

The mother of Kristopher Blair,25, who was killed at a home in the Magnolia Gardens neighborhood in April, told News4JAX her son was ‘set up.’

Blair was found dead inside a home on Begonia Road, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Blair’s mother said he had gone to pick up some of his things at his girlfriend’s house, before he was killed.

“Once they entered the house, he said he smelled smoke,” she said. “When he smelled the smoke, he asked the girlfriend does she smell it? And she said, yeah. They looked up and there was an individual in the house with the gun. They got to arguing because the guy was following him through the house, telling him to hurry up and get his stuff.”

Blair’s mother said the next thing she was told was that her son was shot.

“There’s so many stories that have been told and twisted up,” she said. “So, I really don’t even know the real story. That’s just a little bit of what I was told.”

With the community’s help, JSO arrested a suspect, Jermaine Robinson, for second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a delinquent.

Although a suspect has been arrested, this grieving mother wants to know what happened to her son.

Three witnesses told detectives that Blair and Robinson were arguing in and out of the home until they came face to face in the living room, according to the arrest report.

One person said they went outside to call 911, heard multiple gun shots and ran.

Two other witnesses said they were outside, heard several gunshots and saw Robinson walk out the home and leave the scene.

Kristopher’s mom said their family is have been taking things day by day since losing him.

“My emotions are up and down,” she said. “You know, sometimes I’m angry sometimes I’m sad. You know, I try I think about the good things. But at the same time, I’m just like, is really thinking in now that he’s not here.”

She described Kristopher as a hard worker who loved and took care of his five children.

The family has also started a GoFundMe for his children.

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