A is for alligator? Large gator removed from Jacksonville elementary school property

A Florida alligator wanting to brush up on his multiplication tables on Sunday was removed from a Jacksonville school property.

A News4JAX viewer sent photos showing the gator walking in the parking lot of St. Clair Evans Academy on Moncrief Road.

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Jacksonville Fire and Rescue was called to the school. In the photo, a man — who appears to be an alligator trapper — alongside Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office employees was photographed sitting on top of the large animal.

News4JAX spoke with Mike Dragich, the licensed alligator trapper that caught the alligator, Wednesday morning. He discussed discuss how he uses the attention from his alligator videos to use attention to help his nonprofit Project Savior Outdoors to fight PTSD and veteran suicide. (Click the play button below to view the full interview)

There was no word on what happened to the alligator after it was caught.

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