Demolition of infamous ‘blue house’ in Vilano Beach postponed after sea turtle nest found underneath

The infamous “blue house” in Vilano Beach — a St. Johns County home that gained national attention after the beach below it was washed away during recent powerful storms — will remain on stilts a little longer, thanks to a sea turtle.

In May, the home was declared unsafe and slated for demolition by St. Johns County but in June, a sea turtle nest was found under the home on A1A, so the demolition was put on hold.

Then in July, county environmental officials extended the hold to make sure the hatchlings had cleared the nest. Once the green light is given, the house will be torn down.

But that is not stopping the owner from selling the land it sits on.

According to a listing on Zillow, the beachfront lot minus the blue house can still be yours for $575,000.

“Build a seawall and this 100 X 65 parcel is ready for YOUR dream beach house!” the listing reads.

Before the home was slated for demolition, the home that hovers above the beach was listed for $1.2 million.

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