Jacksonville based actress attacked by dog

An actress and Jacksonville native says she was attacked by an aggressive dog. Laeann Amos-Reed is recovering in her home in Ohio.

The dog bite happened days after a movie premiere in Jacksonville. The injuries looked like something out of a horror film. But Amos-Reed says this was no movie.

“I just saw blood on the ground,” said Amos-Reed. “Even the witness said to me, he said, Please don’t look down at your leg. I said it’s too late I already looked. I need proof. Nobody in their right mind will believe this if I don’t have proof,” said Reed.

It happened July 18th in a residential neighborhood in Ohio. Amos-Reed just finished a 7-mile run when she says the dog bit the back of her leg.

“When I got bit, I screamed and hollered at the top of my lungs. It was like pain, anguish. It came out of nowhere,” said Amos-Reed.

She says a good Samaritan called 911 and the dog’s owner helped also.

There are cuts on her hands and forearms. She says the dog ripped part of her calf muscle and tore a tendon.

Amos-Reed is a wellness coach with many Jacksonville clients and now it may be a while before she’s back.

“I can’t travel on my own. I have if the pain is unbearable sometimes. I cannot even do my movie premieres. Thank God we had one right before the incident happened,” said Amos Reed.

Support from her hometown keeps up her spirits. She’s trying to approach this life changing incident with positivity. Amos-Reed says there is grace in how this could’ve been worse.

“All I said was calmness is power, Peace be still calmness is power, Peace, be still stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. I said, man, God is using this for your story. This is the party your story is somebody who’s gonna get help from telling this,” said Amos-Reed.

She’s feels this could’ve been avoided.

Her message to anyone who owns what could be considered an aggressive pet to be responsible and take precautions to protect someone else’s life.

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