77-year-old woman speaks out after carjacking at Jacksonville convenience store

An elderly woman is speaking out after being carjacked at a Jacksonville convenience store. The incident happened on Tuesday at the 7/11 on West Union Street.

77-year-old Barbara Bailey says a stranger jumped into the back seat of her vehicle saying that he had something for her and that she needed to drive off. Bailey jumped out of the vehicle and that is when the stranger moved into the front seat and drove off.

The entire thing was caught on surveillance video, clearly showing a guy in a white shirt walking close to Bailey’s car and then going into the store. It then shows the man following her out of the store and taking off in her car.

Bailey says the experience was unforgettable and that it is going to take a while for her to get over it. While she was leaving the store, the man was able to get into the back passenger seat of her car without her even noticing. She says she ran out of her car screaming after the man confronted her.

Cathy Stokes, Bailey’s daughter, was shocked after hearing about the incident. “When I first heard that happen to her, my brother called me and I said to mom?” Stokes said.

Stokes emphasized that this unexpected event has shifted their perspective on personal safety.

“I’m afraid this can happen again because you never think things will happen and then when it happens one time, it kind of opens your eyes,” Stokes said.

Bailey was asked if she ever imagined that she would experience something like what happened to her, she responded, “No sir-ee, no sir-ee.” She never expected that to have her car stolen from her in broad daylight, adding that she has been having a difficult time relaxing since everything happened.

Bailey has yet to hear from police on whether or not they have found her car.

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