DCPS to approve millage rate, finalize school year budget Monday

The Duval County School Board will meet on Monday to approve the proposed millage rate and finalize the school year’s budget.

In 2021, DCPS approved a property tax to give teachers and staff salary increases.

This tax came into consideration after some families felt the strain prompted by the pandemic.

Over a year after county voters approved a half-cent sales tax to fund renovation, construction and security upgrades for the district’s facilities.

The tax increase generates almost $82 million a year — 75% goes to teachers and faculty members and the rest is split between charter schools, arts and athletics.

The millage rate began in July and should expire in 2027 in which the board will have to decide if they would like to extend it past that point.

Now, the board will be looking to see if it will remain the same or have to increase.

There will be a discussion about the proposed millage rate tomorrow at 5 p.m. with the regular scheduled school board meeting to follow at 6 p.m.

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