Was this the last week of 90s?

Tuesday was our last chance of 90 degree heat possibly for the year. That’s a big statement given the record extreme heat this summer, but the odds of hot conditions are fading as Autumn begins next weekend.

Last year September brought the final stretch of 90 degree heat in Jacksonville and the 90s are likely done until next spring. Models hint at the potential for near 90 degree heat during the last week of September but wee will wait to see if it plays out.

The 90s this week will back down into the 80s for the remainder of the week and onshore winds take over next week ensuring no big warm up. Average highs are around 88° through mid September and the easterly winds will keep temperatures in check.

Meteorological fall is a season created by scientists that better reflects the colder annual temperature cycles with the calendar. Meteorological fall began on September 1 and ends on November 30. This is different from astronomical fall, which begins on Saturday, September 23.

In contrast, astronomical fall is based on the position of the earth and its timing of the autumn equinox and winter solstice.

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