Chemical leak off Philips Hwy, evacuations taking place: JFRD

JFRD is responding to a hydroiodic acid chemical spill from a rail car.

People in the area below need to evacuate immediately.

The picture above is the area that needs to immediately evacuate.

Symptoms of exposure include severe irritation to the skin and eyes, and it can also irritate the nose and throat.

September 17, 2023 – 2:50 a.m.- Due to a chemical leak in the area of Philips Hwy near JTB, JFRD has issued an immediate evacuation order for anyone in the area.
Gather your family and pets and LEAVE NOW!

— JaxReady (@JaxReady) September 17, 2023

All lanes of Phillips highway between University Boulevard and JTB are closed until further notice.

Crews are working a hazardous material incident involving hydrologic acid from a rail car in the 7100 block of Philips Hwy…mandatory evacuations are taking place right now.

— THEJFRD (@THEJFRD) September 17, 2023

News4Jax will update as we get more information.

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