Golf tournament to remember teen killed by drunk driver in 2019 raises over $18K in scholarships in St. Johns County

The family of a St. Johns County teen killed in a drunk driving crash held their third annual golf tournament in their son’s honor.

More than a hundred people came together to raise money for the Jack Wheeler Memorial Foundation.

Wheeler was killed at 18 years old in a drunk-driving crash in 2019. His mom Cathleen Wheeler said he was an excellent athlete and student.

“He wasn’t boastful. He wasn’t prideful. He befriended everyone. Everyone who knew Jack was a friend of Jack. He was one of a kind,” she said.

Since his death, his family remembers his life by holding an annual golf tournament with proceeds going toward scholarships for St. Johns County students.

“Over the three years we’ve been doing it, there’s over $18,000 worth of scholarships will be provided through the help of our partners and the community to help with further education for St. Johns County students,” his father Winslow Wheeler said.

“I think that any parent who loses a child like their worst fear is that people will forget that your child was here,” Cathleen said. “So this is a great way that we keep Jack’s memory alive, keep his spirit alive. Help other people in the community who have helped us who have been so gracious and generous and who have made us as close to home as we can be without Jack.”

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