Fans still pumped to support Jags after loss to Chiefs in home-opening game

The Jags took a loss to the Chiefs Sunday but that didn’t stop the energy that fans brought to the Everbank Stadium to support their home team.

The final score was 17-9 but over 60,000 energized people were in attendance for this match-up.

Fans were on the edge of their seat after halftime, watching to see if the Jags were going to come out on top.

Even though the team did not come out with a win in today’s game, fans still said they plan on supporting the Jags at every home game.

“I feel they could’ve played a way better game, and I feel like the ‘Chiefs’ took it a little easy on us. I feel like Trevor could’ve played a better game. I feel like my whole team could’ve played a better game. Doug Pederson needs to go back to calling the plays again,” Fabian Scott said.

Doug Kurtock also agreed that the Jags played a good game.

“I feel they played pretty good. They made a little mistakes here and there, but I think their offense was pretty good. They looked good. Trevor could you know keep a little more ball control but overall it was pretty good,” he said.

Fans intend to pack out the stadium again next week to show their undoubtful support for the Jags.

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