Kilos of fentanyl, stolen police gun found during traffic stop in St. Johns County, authorities say

A traffic stop for speeding led to a St. Johns County deputy and a U.S. Border Patrol Agent discovering kilos of fentanyl, meth and firearms, according to an arrest report.

Cleon Miller, 31, of Ft. Lauderdale was already wanted by authorities in Broward County when he was charged with drug trafficking in St. Johns County.

According to his arrest report, Miller was pulled over on I-95 northbound near State Road 207 because a deputy clocked him going 15 mph over the speed limit.

As the deputy was completing a written warning for Miller, a border patrol agent with a K-9 pulled up. The K-9 performed a sniff test and then gave a reaction that it had detected drugs inside the vehicle. The drug detection gave the deputy and agent probable cause to search the car.

According to the arrest report, a loaded Draco AK-47 pistol with a 30-round magazine was discovered inside a Louis Viton duffel bag. A Glock 43 pistol was located inside a Louis Viton satchel. And a Sig Sauer pistol was found in the center console.

After checking the serial number, authorities learned the Sig Sauer had been reported stolen from the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department.

According to the arrest report, when the deputy searched the trunk, he found a bin that contained multiple vacuum-sealed packages of crystal meth, weighing a total of 26 pounds. The deputy opened a second bin and discovered two kilos of fentanyl. One kilo was white powder and the other was blue.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, one kilo of fentanyl has the potential to kill 500,000 people, so the fentanyl found in the car could potentially kill a million people.

When questioned about the guns and drugs, Miller reportedly told the deputy that he rented the car and was not aware of the drugs in the trunk. According to the arrest report, Miller told the deputy he was traveling to an unknown town in Georgia to attend a birthday party of someone he did not know.

The deputy also noted in the arrest report that Miller was unable to provide a street address or the town in Georgia he was traveling to. The report also states that Miller told the deputy he was aware of the Draco AK-47 pistol and Glock pistol in the car but was not aware of the Sig Sauer.

When the deputy ran Miller’s name, it came back as showing that Miller was currently on probation in Jackson County after he was convicted of grand theft auto.

Miller remains in the St. Johns County Jail without bond because there is a hold on him due to the warrant out of Broward County.

In addition to drug trafficking charges, Miller was also charged with grand theft of a firearm.

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